Jeff Lorber Covers Amy Winehouse Hit Song

Lorber_Jeff_08a.jpgKeyboardist and producer Jeff Lorber has just wrapped up production of a new funky and soulful CD co-produced by smooth jazz veteran Rex Rideout. The CD, Heard That, is Lorber's follow-up to the Grammy-nominated He Had a Hat, which featured the hit single �Anthem for a New America.�

The CD of original material does have one cover song: an instrumental version of British singer�s Amy Winehouse�s "Rehab,� which was mixed by Paul Brown and features Rick Braun on trumpet. In addition to the title track, which was co-written with saxophonist Eric Darius, the CD features titles such as �Don�t Hold Back,� �Gamma Rays,� �Don�t Stop� and �The Bomb."

Heard That, Lorber's debut for Peak Records, will be available on Sept. 30. I've listened to an advance version, and this is definitely a CD you'll want.