Wayman Tisdale Has Portion Of Leg Amputated

Tisdale_Bass.jpgOur best for a speedy recovery goes out to smooth jazz superstar Wayman Tisdale, who this week had the lower part of his right amputated due to bone cancer. The 44-year-old Tisdale said on his website that he has �complete faith that with the Lord's blessings, this surgery will eliminate the cancer from my body."

It was in February 2007 that Tisdale first learned he had a cancerous cyst below his right knee after he broke his leg in a fall at his home in Los Angeles. Following a five-month regimen of chemotherapy, Tisdale underwent eight-hour knee-replacement surgery. He later said he was 100 percent cured of cancer, and in June released a comeback CD appropriately titled Rebound.

Tisdale will be taking some time off to recuperate but says he expects to resume touring this fall and still plans to host the Smooth Jazz Cruise in January. "There's a lot more music inside me," Wayman said on his website, "and once I am back on my feet, I look forward to sharing my joy with my fans, friends and fellow musicians."