Wayman Tisdale: Ain�t No Stopping Him Now

Written by The Jazz Gypsy

WaymanCostumeNight.jpgOne of the things I�ve always admired about bassist Wayman Tisdale is his happy-go-lucky attitude and his super-size smile. In an industry where many artists appear untouchable or off-limits, Wayman seemed to be an artist of �the people�, always stopping to say hello, take a photograph or sign an autograph. I was fortunate to see him up close and personal on several of the smooth jazz cruises and he always lit up the room with his infectious personality and laughter, elevating the mood of everyone around him.

In a recently released video message, with his bass by his side, Wayman is sitting on his couch at home showing his bandaged right leg while thanking his fans, management team and friends for their support during his medical challenge. Singing the words to his song, �It�s Alright�, Tisdale assures us that not only will he be on the smooth jazz cruise he�s set to host in January 2009 but that he�s going to lead the party and stay up the whole time. Although the message is short, it sends a very powerful and inspirational message confirming that Wayman is a man of faith with an undeniable spirit of grace under pressure who really does believe �.Ain�t No Stopping Him Now!

Video message: http://www.waymantisdale.com
Wayman Tisdale Smooth Jazz Cruise: http://www.thesmoothjazzcruise.com/

Photo: Me & Wayman in the Crow's Nest on costume night during the 2006 Warren Hill Smooth Jazz Cruise