3rd Force�s William Aura Planning School In Nepal

William Aura, leader of the smooth jazz group 3rd Force, has announced that he has collected nearly $2,500 so far toward the building of a school in rural Nepal. Aura has visited the area many times on humanitarian missions, and footage that he shot in India and Nepal, where many Tibetan refugees have resettled, was featured in a recent documentary titled 10 Questions For The Dalai Lama.

Aura�s school will be located near a river in a remote Himalayan valley about 300 miles southeast of Kathmandu. About 50 students now study three hours a day outside in the elements. Aura�s school will replace a traditional straw-thatched roof with wood and bamboo, which is in abundance nearby. If you would like to contribute, you can visit the Aura Imports website, which is designed to aid the harsh economic conditions of the Tibetan people by offering jewelry, clothing and other items handmade by young Tibetan artists and craftspeople in exile.

William Aura describes how Buddhism and his travels to Nepal, where he is building a school, help him to stay centered: "I�m a student of Buddhism. It�s not really religion to me. It�s more of a school of thought. I love traveling there and working with the young people and teaching English when I�m there and studying in the monasteries and just finding something that�s very relaxing and peaceful to me. It helps me become more mindful and appreciative of everything we have."