Chris Botti Buys Porsche, Looking For Home In L.A.

It looks like Chris Botti wants to be homeless no more, as he is currently searching for the perfect home in Los Angeles. Botti says he had his heart set on one, but talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel eventually put together the winning offer. For years, Botti has essentially lived out of a large suitcase while he�s been touring nonstop for nine years. His home base has been New York, but he�s lived in hotels there and occupied the one home he did own for a grand total of 10 days. In Los Angeles, Botti likes to stay at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, just minutes from famed Rodeo Drive.

Since he�s looking for a base while in Los Angeles, the trumpeter recently also purchased a Porsche 911 convertible. Botti wants a home in Los Angeles because he records his albums at the famed Columbia Studios. In addition, he says, many of the New York studios are closing down.