January & February Are Virtually Null & Void In Vegas

I waited and waited for activity in January. And outside of Al Di Meola making an appearance in town at the Santa Fe Station, there was nothing.

It is the sign of the the economic times in a town that for the most part was insulated from recessions of past years, and basically rolling through most economic roller coaster rides and steadily growing in population. And now, Las Vegas hold a record 10% unemployment rate, and many are moving away.

And what's the first thing to get cut in an entertainment town? Entertainment. And forget jazz. Jazz does not even exist at a time like this. The hotels closed most of the lounge shows. And for the small part attributed to jazz ten years is all but a memory.

There have been traditional jazz hostings on select nights that have been stables for ongoing listeners, but nothing contemporary. The audiences were basically showing up for old standards and blues, but nothing cutting edge, let alone smooth.

There is a club called Pogos that was bringing in some university players for awhile, but the new owner changed so much of the club that even the forty year history of jazz on Friday nights may go away to make room for middle-aged country fogies who want to use the club as a casual "make out" joint. However, it's still jazz on Fridays, for the time being, even with all the pictures of jazz legends gone, and country and classic rock playing on the juke box on the band breaks.

So here is what we have in February. We have Skip Martin (Dazz Band, Kool & The Gang), a great vocalist who has that Miles Davis influence on trumpet, is performing on Tuesday nights at the Square Apple.

Otherwise, The Killer Groove Band is performing for the PBS fundraiser at the Las Vegas Hilton on Saturday, February 7th.

Concertwise, not even a single booking of a name act is scheduled for March.

.......but we'll keep waiting.