Berks Jazz Fest 2009: Brian Culbertson

Brian Culbertson appeared Saturday evening at the Scottish Rite Cathedral, still Bringing Back The Funk, the same show which was brand new last year, and showed a lot of maturation in the meantime. The lineup changed a little, as guitarist Sheldon Reynolds was no longer in the band, and as a welcome return, his father Jim Culbertson on trumpet was back. While last year, I felt like as if i were hit by a truck when the band started, this year everything still was very funky and powerful, but much tighter and less stressful, and therefore more enjoyable. Most of the material played was from Bringing Back The Funk, but Brian also gave us plenty of his older smooth jazz material to keep the crowd happy, slowing things down for a while. I also enjoyed the horn battles when Brian on trombone chases his horn player around the stage. As usual, it was an energetic and fun show on the highest level, and the house rocked!