Smooth Transitions In Vegas

With the recession of smooth jazz (or disappearance), other forms of jazz keeps developing in Vegas.

Clint Holmes mixes his blend of jazz and pop vocals at the Orleans Hotel March 20-22.

The Bootlegger Bistro will be hosting late Saturday nights jazz and blues, midnight to 4am, for the listener who wants more of the edge.

The Killer Groove Band, who stake claim to being the only contemporary jazz group in town, will be performing Saturday, March 21st, at the E-String Grill, starting at 7pm.

The legendary jazz keyboard / organist Ronnie Foster can be seen and heard about town, his next outing at the Black Label Lounge April 25th.

With no March headliners coming to town, it's evident that the smooth jazz scene is now relegated to Sunday brunches, the most current at Pantevinos, which host small trios, and is sponsored by Smooth Jazz 105.7 The Oasis.