Berks Jazz Fest 2009: Sax Pack

Late Friday night, the Sax Pack, featuring saxophonists Kim Waters, Steve Cole and Jeff Kashiwa were performing at the Plaza Reading Hotel Ballroom delivering a truly entertaining show full of top-notch musicianship and comedy. The first song was a group effort, then the next song featured Kim Waters who really set the standard, and the whole evening revolved around the concept of competition between the players, who tried to outshine each other, pulling their legs and still showing a great sense of camaraderie. Their funny remarks between songs yielded many laughs, and each of these players has a great sense of humor. One of the highlights was Steve Cole playing "Curtis", his slow burning song dedicated to Curtis Mayfield, allowing him to pull out all the stops and have the crowd cheering withjoy. Jeff Kashiwa played "When It Feels Good" from his current release, then after a funny interlude about zodiac signs, they went into "You Are My Starship", which was well appreciated. Then as a group effort, they played their big radio hit from their Sax Pack album called "Fallin' For You", which stayed for 10 weeks at #1. The band was introduced: on guitar was Jerry Johnson, Mike Logan on keyboards, Andre Berry on bass and Clyde Davis on drums. They wrapped up the show nicely with some uptempo tracks, giving us one of the most entertaining and musically satisfying shows of the festival.