Intermission - Berks Jazz Fest 2009

Text and photo: Michael C. Packard

One unique aspect of Berks is the chance to participate in some really fun activities that occur during the week, between the world class shows. A Reading Eagle newspaper advertisement highlighted a two hour "meet the artists" event hosted by the Verizon store, with on-air coverage by Jo Painter of WEEU-AM radio.

A sunny and warm spring afternoon with two free tickets for Saturday's East Bay Soul show for the first twenty people beckoned. Bassists extraordinaire Brian Bromberg and Gerald Veasley, as well as Uptown Band members, Erich Cawalla and Jennifer Kinder were on hand to autograph promotional photos, free CD's which were given away.

We had a fun time mixing it up with the Berks Arts Council folks, the radio people, and chit-chatted with the artists, friends, and fans. Everyone who attended had a laugh, got some free stuff, and left a little bit happier.

PS: On the photo (from left to right): Brian Bromberg, Peter B�hi, Gerald Veasley.