The Roberts Bros., Twins, (BDM Records)

Earlier here, I wrote about The Roberts Bros., a dynamic duo with the punch, thickness, funk, soul, and rhythm more than capable of making any smooth jazzer proud to be a smooth jazzer. I also mentioned that the duo had released a subsequent project in 2007 called Twins and that I would be grabbing a copy of it. Well, I have and am I glad I have! Add �consistent� to my description of these guys. Here again, the funk and the �We-Get-It� factor come across boldly. These guys know what works. Period. From the moving, gyrating track 1, �Seems Like Yesterday,� to the snappy funkfests, �Don�t Look Back,� and �From Head To Toe,� and throughout this masterful piece of work--with laid-back catch-your-breath pieces like �Lazy Summer Day,� �Just Like That,� and the very sweet finale �Between Now and Then� thrown in for good measure--this is another gem that simply must be added to any serious smooth jazzer�s library. Watch this duo. Keep them on your radar screen, if they�re not there already. They bring smoke, heat, and soul to fill any heart, any void. You just can�t go wrong with consistency of this sort. Available via their website at Enjoy!