London Goes Bonkers For Smooth Jazz

Don't tell people in London that smooth jazz is on the skids.

Dave Koz, Nick Colionne and Brian Simpson have just returned from a triumphant multi-night gig at the Pizza Express Jazz Club in London. Colionne's manager, Carol Ray, says that all six shows sold out, people were being turned away at the door, and there were standing ovations aplenty. In addition, all three artists sold out of the CDs they brought. Needless to say, the club was ecstatic over the shows and the standing-room-only crowds.

"I wish we could have you all here forever," said club manager Soufiane Maadad. "The music was great, you were all great. Looking forward to having you again."

Adds Ray: "My head is still in London; the warmth of that city and the audiences every night was overwhelming. They literally roared at the beginning of the shows during the introductions, not just applauding politely. They really set the tone and Nick, Dave and Brian responded with the most unbelievable shows."

The backing band was Frank Felix on bass and Tony Mason on drums. Both are Londoners. Felix was formerly with Acoustic Alchemy and Mason with Incognito.