Four80East � Roll On

If you�re expecting Roll On , the latest Four80East offering, to be a typical Four80 East electro/smooth jazz kinda funky thing, you�ll not be disappointed. However, you may find some really decent additional effects, like the funky slap bass and lead bass contributions thrown in for a lot of good measure here. Toronto-based producers/composers/programmers and Boomtang Records owners Rob DeBoer and Tony Grace take the group�s fans on yet another interesting journey into electronica-enhanced jazz.

This group has always prided itself on innovativeness and diversity. It delivers that here once again. In addition to the funky opening and title track with its nifty hook, take a listen to tunes like �One Night Only� and its heavy bass lines and presence, as well as the very typical Four80East signature sound on �Shot In the Dark,� �After All This Time,� which actually does take its time developing into a nice smoldering groove, and the very hot, sultry closing track, �Back in 5,� which bears a cool resemblance to Paul Brown�s �Cosmic Monkey� from a few years ago, but with a lot of Four80East sound effects interjecting themselves in model form.

Four80East�s unique quality and sound have found their mark for many, and that�s obviously what keeps the group on the main radar screen of smooth jazzers. Roll On does nothing to hurt that uniqueness and even opens the door to the possibility that you�ll hear more innovation as the group stays with the tide of smooth jazz tastes.