What We're Listening To ** October

J E F F * D A N I E L S

Marcus Anderson, From The Heart (MarcusAnderson.net) (2009)

Euge Groove, Sunday Morning (Shanachie) (2009)

Darryl Williams, That Was Then (2009)

Rob Tardik, The Right Time (Guitardik Music) (2009)

Kevin Peter Jones, Magnetic Journey (Kevinpeterjones.com) (2009)

P E T E R * B O E H I

Gil Parris - A Certain Beauty (2009)
Guitarist Gil Parris comes up with a great album covering blues, jazz, rock, funk and r&b with tons of great playing and strong compositions, guest artists include Chris Botti, Bob Baldwin, David Mann, Randy Brecker and David Sanborn among others. Simply outstanding!

Steve Raybine - In The Driver's Seat (2009)
This is a groovy feelgood album by vibraphonist Steve Raybine full of funky grooves, fat horns and catchy melodies by a top-notch group of players. A breath of fresh air!

Everette Harp - First Love (2009)
Now this is a significant album by one of the best saxophonists of the genre. It is a definitive departure from his previous work venturing into more adventurous territory with jazzier and looser playing yielding superior results. A musical triumph, hinting where smooth jazz might develop in the future.

Euge Groove - Sunday Morning (2009)
Saxophonist Euge Groove plays it safe on this laid-back and polished picture-perfect smooth jazz album. Should play nicely in the background of a decent party.

Hidefumi Toki & Cruising - Night Cruise (1995)
My nod to the past goes to this absolutely great, groovy, funky and uplifting album by Japanese saxophonist Hidefumi Toki. Jazz-funk of the highest order, catchy compositions, top-notch playing - get it if you can!

D E N I S * P O O L E

Brian Bromberg�s �Martinis At The Velvet Lounge?� from his outstanding new CD It Is What It Is. A hint of a Latin beat, wonderful piccolo bass from Bromberg and splashes of flute from Gary Meek all serve to deliver a tune that is beautifully warm and truly special.

�Optimistic�, by Melba Moore and Phil Perry, from the duo�s soulful new album, The Gift Of Love; the churning beat and joyous vibe of this great cover of the Sounds of Blackness 1991 hit is terrific.

�Five To Eleven� from East Bay Soul�s self titled blockbuster. Written by Greg Adams and James Wirrick, this evocatively mellow gem has, much like the entire album, all the attributes of being a real keeper.

�Secret Of The Way� from Jim Peterik�s Lifeforce. A real surprise packet from the writer of the seminal �Eye of The Tiger� this is perhaps the most overtly smooth jazz tune on the album. Peterik�s Russ Freeman like guitar engenders a delicious groove that, when coupled with an enthralling rhythm, delivers the sort of sound likely to provide him with real contemporary jazz credibility

�What If�� by Anthony James Baker from his five track EP Looking Ahead. With Darren Rahn on alto sax, this sumptuously mid tempo cut underpins to perfection Baker�s claim of providing �smooth jazz with a hard edge�.

R O N A L D * J A C K S O N

Matt Marshak, Family Funktion (Nuance Music) -- Blue, smooth, and funky with a vibe that just tears it up.

Brian Bromberg, It Is What It Is (Artistry Music) -- The funk just keeps driving Bromberg, and vice versa!

Jeff Golub, Blues For You (E1 Music) -- Golub as I've been waiting to hear him--in his blues element--and shining!

George Anderson, Positivity (Maxwood Music) -- Shakatak bassist steps out with his solo debut with some serious smooth and funky grooves.

Tom Braxton, Endless Highway (Pacific Coast Jazz) -- The saxman bolts out of the studio with another quality item, packed with superior sax work that epitomizes the very essence and spirit of smooth jazz.