Terri Brinegar - Having the Time of My Life

With a style that, at times, could be considered akin to the bluesiness of pop/R&B vocalist Joss Stone, Terri Brinegar has some nice choice cuts here on her latest CD, Having the Time of My Life, with a leaning toward a little of everything from soft rock to blues to R&B. I would be hesitant to classify this project as purely smooth jazz, but the lady can sing, and she does possess a type of rhythmic bluesiness (and there is a difference between my definition of a rhythmic bluesiness and R&B, by the way). Cases in point would be very pleasant tracks such as the title track, �Surrender to Loving You,� �Now My Heart,� �The Sun Shines For You,� and �That�s How I Know.�

No newcomer to the music biz, Brinegar has released three CDs of original tunes and one classical CD. There is strong evidence here that this lady could probably rip into some serious smooth jazz material if she chose to do just that. I would have preferred a more defined leaning toward smooth jazz as we know it, but that�s just me. Still, this might be just what many of you seek: Diversity and material that can�t be pigeonholed as just smooth jazz. If so, she definitely deserves a listen.

There�s no denying Brinegar�s vocal �chops.� They�re certainly right for the blues; they work for certain types of R&B; they�re right for soft rock. Also, like I've mentioned, there's no doubt that, taking a clearly smooth jazz route, she can be quite a presence there, as well. However you would wish to classify this, there are quality melodies here that should definitely be taken seriously.