What We're Listening To ** January

R O N A L D * J A C K S O N

Andrew Neu, Try Something Neu (nuGroove Records)

Lynn Riley, Too Cool (nuGroove Records)

Nate Najar, Until Now (Blue Line Music)

Maysa, A Woman In Love (Shanachie)

Pamela Williams, Chameleon (Saxtress Entertainment)

J E F F * D A N I E L S

Kenny Garrett, Simply Said�(Warner Bros. Records Inc., / WEA International) (1999)

Jeff Lorber, Heard That (Peak Records) (2008)

Pat Metheny, Water Colors�(Polygram Records) (2000)

Pat Metheny and Anna Maria Jopek, Upojenie�(Nonesuch)��(2008)

Jamhunters,�Music Speaks Louder Than Words��(2008)

P E T E R * B O E H I

I have been skiing all week, I grabbed one of my 160GB iPods and this is what I stumbled upon on the device. Great music to drive down the slopes...

Fattburger - Come And Get It (1990)
This classic of the genre by San Diego based unit Fattburger stood the test of time extremly well, great solos by Hollis Gentry on sax, Steve Laury on guitar and Carl Evans on keyboards yield superior results. If you have it, give it a spin!

Kombo - The Big Blast! (1999)
Groovy organ sounds with catchy melodies and great solos, the band is led by keyboardist Ron Pedley and guitarist John Pondel. Positive vibes!

Bobby Wells - Bayside (2005)
This is a picture perfect smooth jazz album with some great guests like Eric Marienthal, Bryan Savage, Michael O'Neill, Darren Rahn and others. Thumbs up!

Rob Mullins - 5th Gear (1988)
This album by keyboardist Rob Mullins is an all-time favorite of mine, another classic that still deserves our attention. Groovy baby!

Bobby Lyle - The Genie (1977)
My nod to the past goes to this seminal jazz-funk album by keyboardist Bobby Lyle, his version of "Night Breeze" still blows me away. A raw diamond!

D E N I S * P O O L E

�Fast Train To Anywhere� by Chris Standring from the album Blue Bolero. Clever production and superb playing from both Standring on guitar and Debra Porter on violin make this unusual but totally accessible cut a real winner.

The awesome mix of Marvin Gaye�s Ain�t That Peculiar that samples Kool and the Gang�s classic song �Summer Madness�. What makes the tune as surprising as it is delightful is the fact it was put together by two guys from the UK, Neil Thompson from Southport and Soul P from Luton. Currently being championed by Jazz FM on-air personalities Robbie Vincent and Steve Quirk, the prospects of the track being made commercially available are understood to be good.

�In The Works� by Alan Hewitt which is taken from his Retroactive CD. This up tempo number has a groove to die for and is �infectious� in the extreme.

�I Didn�t Know� by Dee Brown from his latest release A Little Elbowroom. Warm and inviting with top notch vocals from D�mitri and Gerard Brooks this is a song that offers a genuine glance back to the smooth R & B of Dee�s previous release.

�Be Coolin� by Kathy Sanborn from her forthcoming album Small Galaxy. Much like the entire album this is a track that has a wonderful comforting quality and is sure to do well.