Berks Jazz Fest 2011: Smooth Jazz 92.7 Sunday Brunch feat. Andrew Neu

Sunday morning we had to be back early at 10am for the Smooth Jazz 92.7 Sunday Brunch featuring Andrew Neu which took place at the Abraham Lincoln Hotel Ballroom. There were tables set up and a big buffet that catered every need, so you could eat, meet people and socialize a bit, before the show started. Saxophonist Andrew Neu has been working with many artists in the past, most notably Bobby Caldwell with whom he tours regularly, and has started his own solo career concurrently a few years ago. He was backed by a great band and led us through his program of mostly self composed material, they kicked off the show with "Poolside", a new track that will be released on a forthcoming CD. Another favorite was a song penned by Brian Bromberg for him called "Wine" from the In Clear View CD, another track from the same album was the groovy "Seven Mile Bridge". They slowed down things for "Open Mind" from their current album Try Something Neu, providing some great moments of intensity. Later in the show, they played a nice cover of Steely Dan's "Peg" and - my personal highlight - the funky "The Nut" which really stuck in my mind. This was a good show by a consummate sax player who definitely deserves wider recognition.