What We're Listening To ** April 2011

J E F F * D A N I E L S

Craig Pilo, Unsupervised (Rue De La Harpe) (2011)

Cole Jacobs, Atomic Escalator (Cole Jacobs) (2010)

Player A, On the Side ( Creative Soul Jazz) (2011)

Boney James, Contact (Verve Forecast) (2011)

Lin Rountree, Soul-Tree, The Soul-Jazz Experience (Lin Rountree) (2011)

P E T E R * B O E H I

Andy Snitzer - Traveler (2011)
Cool, laid-back and lounge-y smooth jazz album by saxophonist Andy Snitzer, supported by a list of top-notch players. With its restrained mood and no particular track standing out, it works best when listened to in its entirety. Special!

Eumir Deodato - The Crossing (2010)
This is a fine contemporary jazz album boasting the classic keyboard work of Deodato along with many great players, most notably Al Jarreau, Billy Cobham, John Tropea, done in Italy with the team around Novecento. A breath of fresh air!

Euge Groove - S7ven Large (2011)
This is a very nice album by saxophonist Euge Groove with more picture perfect smooth jazz tracks and a nice variety of songs. Production and supporting cast are top drawer, so you know what to expect.

Konstantin Klashtorni - Kool & Klean, Vol. 2 (2011)
Saxophonist Konstantin Klashtorni is an incredible Paul Hardcastle clone, blindfolded, you would swear to hear the Jazzmasters. So if you cannot get enough of those perfectly programmed rhythms with the synth washes, saxophone touches and nice melodies, here is another serving!

Dave Valentin - Pied Piper (1981)
My nod to the past goes to this classic album by latin flautist Dave Valentin, which was recorded during his heydays at GRP. The album opener is a catchy radio friendly song, the rest no-nonsense latin jazz by a killer band. Outstanding!