Be Part Of Greg Adams' New CD

Now for your chance to play a part in the production and release of the latest CD from the wonderful East Bay Soul. Much like the band�s 2009 debut, the project is the brainchild of trumpeter Greg Adams who has well as being a founder member of the legendary Tower of Power has carved out a unique place for himself within the higher echelons of contemporary jazz. With major record labels becoming fewer with every passing year Greg is going alone on this one and needs your help. Read on for Greg�s own words on how you can be part of it all.

A message from Greg:

I am hoping that you'll join me at Kickstarter to make a pledge, and if you can, spread the word to your circle of friends. I need all the support I can gather. The money is going towards the recording studio, engineering, mixing, mastering, artwork, CD manufacturing and of course the musicians. I am pretty fast in the studio, am writing now and will have ten original songs with which to go into the recording sessions. More than ever I have something to say and, having made three CDs on my own, have come as far as I can. If we are successful at Kickstarter I am planning a release date in the fall or early January. No pledge is too small!!

When someone makes a pledge with a credit card, it goes through the Amazon credit card services and is held there in an escrow account, and then, only if the project reaches its goal, will the credit card be charged. No one's pledge is publicly displayed. You may make a pledge for any dollar amount you want and in return select a reward of your choice.

At Kickstarter, if the financial goal is not attained the project does not get funded and all the money pledges are cancelled. In other words no one gets charged. It's an all or nothing deal!

If the goal is exceeded, we put the additional funds towards into making the CD even better! Maybe add real string players and even perhaps some promotional activities.

Thanks for checking out what I am doing at I want to make a CD with you and some history too!

The goal is $25,000 and with the deadline of August 10 at 4.56PM PST, rapidly approaching $15,866, i.e. 63% of the required total, has been pledged so far.

Here is the link to the fund raising platform at, Check it out and, if you can, please support this fantastic project.