The Brotherhood Has Arrived

Brotherhood-Hitting-Soon.jpgWelcome to the latest issue of Denis Poole�s Secret Garden, the page that offers a personal perspective on the very best from the world of smooth jazz and classic soul.

Take the heady musical amalgam of Detroit in the late seventies, factor in some of the hottest emerging talent in contemporary jazz and what do you have? The answer is the The Brotherhood which finds legendary �Motor City� session men Jerry Jones, Jervonny Collier and (band leader) Bruce Nazarian in the choice company of keyboard players Greg Manning, and Renato Falaschi, the always-excellent percussionist Gary Stanionis and special guest sax-man / vocalist Jaared whose current solo release �Manhattan Nights� has garnered two #1 hits. Indeed, drawn together by their mutual love of funk and jazz, The Brotherhood is poised to break out in late 2011 with their own special brand of funky contemporary jazz which, if their collective track record is anything to go by, is sure to be right on the money.

Way back when, musical chameleon and guitarist Bruce Nazarian combined with drummer Jerry Jones to assemble an A-team of fellow Detroit studio musicians and in so doing created the aptly named �The A Band� which by 1979 had become The Automatix.

A fusion of rock and soul influences, The Automatix was signed to MCA records in 1981, and, shortly afterwards, released its debut LP �Night Rider�. However, it was a tale of what might have been as, while the first single was still climbing the charts, the band fell victim to a management reorganization and was dropped from the label roster.

Fast forward thirty years and after several decades as an in-demand digital media specialist, and award-winning post-production sound supervisor, mixer, and sound editor, Nazarian returned to music production with the debut CD from Italian saxophonist Rocco Ventrella. Titled �Give Me The Groove�, it featured heavily in the SKY.FM Smooth Jazz year-end countdown for 2006 with the track �Soulful Strut� making it all the way to #1. Now involved in internet radio, concert promotion, artist management and other behind-the-scenes activities, Nazarian has reached out to old friends Jones and Collier, and some new friends besides, to rekindle the kind of musical magic that never gets old.

Collier has played bass in Bruce Hornsby�s band for almost twenty years. In The Brotherhood he is in the good company of drummer Jerry Jones who, in an amazing career, has performed with everyone from Stanley Turrentine to Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes. Manning is a former musical director for Jonathan Butler, Falaschi a renowned European musician who worked on Ventrella's release �Give Me The Groove� and Jaared is already a well-established recording artist. To date he has four critically acclaimed solo albums to his name and his extensive credits include appearances with the likes of Peter White, Stevie Wonder, Maysa and Rick Braun. Completing the line-up is in-demand LA percussionist Gary Stanionis who, as part of Jackiem Joyner's touring band, is well known to contemporary jazz fans throughout the USA.

The Brotherhood is more than a title and more than a band. It is about collective passion and solidarity. Watch out for them on the club and concert scene soon.