What We're Listening To ** October 2011

J E F F * D A N I E L S

Bob Baldwin, Newurbanjazz.com 2 /Re-Vibe (Trippin & Rhythm) (2011)

Kiku Collins, Red Light (Canopy Jazz) (2011)

Drew Davidsen, Spin Cycle (Creative Soul Jazz) (2011)

Quintin Gerard W., Before It's Gone (CD Baby.com)��(2011)

Reza Kahn, Simple Plan (CD Baby.com) (2011)

P E T E R * B O E H I

Muracle - Music Is Miracle (2009)
This urban jazz band was launched in Asia by saxophonist Jay Kim and keyboardist Minwoo Park in 2009, the upbeat, happy and extremely catchy songs deliver big time, the excellent playing is heartfelt and exciting, it has an old school feeling reminding me of a time when this kind of music was new and fresh. The best smooth jazz release to come along in a long time!

Kim Scott - Crossing Over (2011)
Flautist Kim Scott delivers a great flute led, funky and contemporary smooth jazz album. Hailing from Alabama, she brings some fresh music to the scene with this excellent CD. Nice covers of "Rain" and "Sweet Thing". Flute rules!

Hart Ramsey - My Next Heartbeat (2011)
This is the second release by keyboardist Hart Ramsey and it is another winner, featuring guests like Eric Essix on guitar and Kelley O'Neal on sax. Most of the tracks are laid back instrumentals with just the right amount of funkiness to keep our heads bopping, a smooth urban atmosphere permeates the album. Thumbs up!

Kim Waters - This Heart Of Mine (2011)
This is the latest release by veteran saxophonist Kim Waters, it delivers more of his trademark smooth saxophone sounds wrapped into a polished contemporary accompaniment. Catchy melodies, cool grooves and sexy sounds result in an irresistible package, giving the fans what they want. Solid stuff!

Session II - Session II (1979)
My nod to the past goes to this classic album featuring Lee Ritenour, Don Grusin, Ernie Watts, Alex Acuna and others. Great playing by all involved, this was a time when the players dared to stretch out a bit, without losing track of the melody or the groove. A timeless classic!

D E N I S * P O O L E

�Love Song� by Ramsey Lewis from the hot new album Taking Another Look. This spellbinding cut provides a timely reminder of the huge musical legacy that this legendary player has given to contemporary jazz.

�The Groove�s Alright� by Kim Waters from his excellent new release This Heart Of Mine. The title just about tells you all you need to know about this blisteringly up tempo tune which serves as a fine showcase for Waters immaculate playing.

�Island Style� by sax-man Richard Elliot from his brand new CD In The Zone. With a velvety vibe that owes as much to David Mann�s excellent horns and horn arrangements this is a track that finds Elliot at his fulsome best.

�Two Roads� by Hart Ramsey from the album My Next Heartbeat. This is the follow up to Ramsey�s stunning 2010 debut recording Charge It to My Heart which I described at the time as being one of the hottest releases of the year. The compelling �Two Roads� is the first single from the new CD and features Sean Michael Ray on bass, Kelley O'Neal on saxophone, and Ramsey with both keys and drum programming.

�In Your Sun� by Khari Cabral from his latest release �Clementine Sun�. Entirely captivating, and with featured vocals from India.Arie, an enticing bossa rhythm blended with luscious horns should ensure this sumptuous song does very well.