Berks Jazz Fest 2012: The Sax Pack

The Sax Pack are saxophonists Jeff Kashiwa, Steve Cole and Kim Waters, the three sax players drew from their extensive catalogs and delivered another witty and powerful show, they not only have distinct personalities, but also playing styles, which provided for a very entertaining concert. In between songs, they were pulling each others legs and were having a good time. They kicked off the show together, then alternated playing material from their respective solo releases. Kim Waters, who's parents were in attendance, played the upbeat "In The House", then Steve Cole slowed things down again with a soulful song, then Jeff Kashiwa played the funky "Bump" from his upcoming CD. Next was "Falling For You", a radio hit written by Kashiwa and played by all three saxophonists, followed by a slow romantic rendition of "You Are My Starship" that a had long spoken intro having all three adding their share of words. Kim Waters kicked things up a notch, then Steve Cole played his heartfelt rendition of Sarah MacLachlan's "Angel", followed by Jeff Kashiwa's signature "Hyde Park (The Ah, Oooh Song)" complete with audience participation on the vocal part. The three wrapped up the show together with a groovy disco song for the old school lovers. This was another entertaining show by three of our favorite sax players.