Berks Jazz Fest 2012: Mindi Abair with David Pack and Jeff Golub

Fridat at 10pm, saxophonist Mindi Abair appeared with vocalist/guitarist David Pack and guitarist Jeff Golub at the Crowne Plaza ballroom. Among the players were longtime band members Jay Gore on guitar and Jamie Tate on drums, they kicked off the show with the Ambrosia song "You're The Only Woman" that featured David Pack, then things got bluesy with Jeff Golub, before Mindi Abair did one of her songs. David Pack did "How Much I Feel", then it was again a Mindi Abair song and slow blues instrumental that had Jeff Golub play his heart out. For one track, surprise guest David Benoit was added to the band. They wrapped up the show with the inevitable "Biggest Part Of Me" featuring David Pack, his voice still has the sparkle, and Mindi Abair's signature song "Lucy", that brought a varied concert that went from pop to blues to smooth jazz to an end.