What We're Listening To ** February 2012

P E T E R * B O E H I

Billy Cobham Band - Live In Leverkusen (2011)
This is a live recording by the great drummer Billy Cobham with his new young band, done in Leverkusen (Germany) in November 2010 and it kicks ass! At age 67, Billy Cobham is still on top of his game and his drumming is just superb propelling the music to new heights, the band is top-notch, delivering an outstanding concert full of classic fusion and jazz-funk. One of my all-time favorite drummers!

Kevin Kooyumjian - Monterey Groove! (2012)
This is one of my favorite keyboardists on the planet, his unbridled energy is just infecting, he is mostly playing on San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf on the street, but his abilities as a musician are unquestioned. His albums are groovy, uplifting and catchy, when he starts a solo, he takes it to one level after another, just incredible. A talent deserving wider recognition!

Jeff Lorber Fusion - Galaxy (2012)
Jeff Lorber gets down to business and revisits his Jeff Lorber Fusion days with this all-star band (with players like Dave Weckl and Eric Marienthal), playing some energetic and tight songs, in parts revisiting his early catalog and giving it a new twist. Very recommended!

Nathaniel Kearney, Jr. - Back To Bassics (2011)
Nathaniel Kearny, Jr. is the current bass player of keyboardist Brian Culbertson, several band members help out with this great jazz-funk album full of bass-heavy tracks (most notably the opener "Shake"), some mellower tracks round it up nicely. For the bass lovers out there!

Tom Browne - Browne Sugar (1979)
My nod to the past goes to this classic album by trumpet player Tom Browne, done on the GRP label with the house band (Buddy Williams, Marcus Miller etc.) and produced by Dave Grusin and Larry Rosen, this record provides the right balance between groove and jazziness. A true classic!

J E F F * D A N I E L S

Paul Whitley, Versatility (Pablo Productions) (2011)

Al Turner, Sunny Days (Al Turner) (2011)

John Tropea, Live At Mikell's, New York (Stp Records) (1981)

Najee, The Smooth Side Of Soul (Shanachie) (2012)

The Loudhorns, One For Maynard (Loud Conversation Pieces) (2009)

D E N I S * P O O L E

�Our Dance� by smooth jazz superstar Peter White from his soon to be released CD Here We Go. With a melody that tugs unashamedly at the heartstrings this captivating cut includes an injection of sax from Kirk Whalum, which, much like the entire album, is pure gold.

�Valentines Night�, by guitarist Patrick Yandall, from his great new album Acoustic Dreamscape. Tender, understated and beautifully performed this superb tune is the perfect backdrop for spending time with the one you love.

�Merry Go Round� by Chris Standring from the CD Electric Wonderland. Standring can always be relied upon to do something different and right out of left field comes this enchanting number. With a string section replicating to perfection the easy paced fun of the fair, and a splendid piano solo from Mitchel Forman, this one is a delight

�Magnetic�, the advance radio single from Darren Rahn�s Trippin 'N' Rhythm debut recording Speechless. This easy grooving track with a seriously addictive urban swagger is sure to dominate the airwaves for some considerable time.

�Message In A Bottle�, the first single from Ken Navarro�s excellent new collection The Test Of Time. Not due out until March 20, this set of twelve timeless tunes has already been described as �solo guitar like you never imagined it.� With no overdubs whatsoever and melodies, bass lines, harmonies and percussion all played simultaneously on just one guitar this is a very special piece of work and typical of it is Navarro�s fine rendition of this seminal hit by the Police.