Berks Jazz Fest 2012: Nick Colionne

Saturday afternoon, the double bill was opened by guitarist Nick Colionne doing one of his energetic and entertaining shows. Being probably the sharpest dressed man in smooth jazz, he entered the stage clad in a white suit and white hat, looking awesome. He started off with a couple of funky instrumentals on the guitar, before he switched to a beautiful white guitar for a slow blues that was the perfect vehicle for his velvety voice, then stepped out into the audience during an extended solo to get closer to his fans. Then he did "The Connection", a song dedicated to his very active fan club. The funky blues tune "Po' House" had the audience sing along, before Nick channeled James Brown into him in order to do his tribute to the man with "Godfather J", prompting the artist for another lengthy stroll into the audicene, having several people get up and dance along with him, bringing another fun show to an end.