Berks Jazz Fest 2012: Brian Culbertson

The final concert of the festival traditionally took place at the Scottish Rite Cathdral, once again Brian Culbertson took care of drawing a capacity crowd to this venue to finish this festival in style. He had his killer band with him, each member stands out in his own way, we got Nathaniel Kearney, Jr. on bass, Chris Miskel on drums, Gerey Johnson on guitar, Eddie Miller on keys, hammond B3 & vocals plus Marqueal Jordan on vocals, percussion & sax, and they were smoking! There was no horn section this time. They opened the show with "Secret Garden", followed by "Always Remember" from the Bringing Back The Funk CD, next was "Get It On" from the Live On The Inside DVD, before the current album XII was featured with "That's Life" and the vocal "Wide Open", featuring Marqueal Jordan. They funked things up with the Sly & The Family Stone classic "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)", which segued into one of Brian's own instrumentals. The next section was dedicated to Brian's upcoming CD called Dreams, an album full of slow jams aimed at the bedroom, the first song played was "You're My Music" that featured the soulful singing of Eddie Miller, followed by another classic from the BC catalog, then he did the title track "Dreams", a beautiful instrumental that went down very well with the crowd, plus the funkier opening track of the CD. After that, the energy level was raised with his rendition of the EWF classic "Serpentine Fire", followed by the well known slow keyboard track that always pleases the crowd, playing the keys from the opposite side, before they ended the show in a funk frenzy. This was a truly great and entertaining show by one of the genre's finest!

Please take note: Next year's Berks Jazz Festival will take place April 5-14, 2013.