What We're Listening To ** May 2012

J E F F * D A N I E L S

Jeff Lorber Fusion, Galaxy (Heads Up) (2012)

Esperanza Spalding, Radio Music Society (Heads Up) (2012)

Brian Auger, Language Of The Heart (Ghostown Records) (2012)

Incognito, Surreal (Shanachie) (2012)

Hiroshima, Departure (Hiroshima) (2012)

P E T E R * B O E H I

Philadelphia International Records - The 40th Anniversary Box Set (2012)
Massive, 10 CD box set offering 175 handpicked tracks from this seminal label's catalog, lovingly compiled, packaged and delivered, the lavish booklet offers the complete PIR discography, plenty of images and additional information. A labor of love!

Brian Bromberg - In The Spirit Of Jobim (2012)
Master bassist Brian Bromberg tackles the catalog of Brazilian composer Antonio Carlos Jobim on acoustic and electric basses, the music is very jazzy and spirited with lots of great solos and nice orchestration. Another winner from Brian!

Roman Andren - Cabra Negra (2012)
Swedish keyboard player Roman Andren released this acoustic afro-cuban album in Japan. Innovative, jazzy and musical, this is a welcome change from your usual smooth jazz fodder. The music is accessible and easy on the ear, still it challenges your mind. Excellent stuff!

Chris Standring - Electric Wonderland (2012)
Another great release by guitarist Chris Standring who once again managed to come up with a smooth jazz album that is not generic, but original and varied. The music has a lot of substance, there is top-notch musicianship and a general upbeat atmosphere. Thumbs up!

Billy Mitchell - Blue City Jam (1984)
My nod to the past goes to this LP from keyboardist Billy Mitchell which was released on the Pausa label and features a bunch of catchy originals, among them "Good Feelin'" which is a classic of the genre. Memories!

D E N I S * P O O L E

�Shelby St. Bridge�, the brand new single from guitarist and keyboard player Michael Vince. With a languid, easy grooving vibe that is entirely to die for this track is a fitting follow up to his excellent self-titled EP, which included two tracks produced by none other than Paul Brown.

�Aint It Time� by Incognito from the CD Surreal. Think Brass Construction then add a potently soulful vocal from Vanessa Haynes and what you have is this high-octane smoker. Haynes contributed to Incognito's 2010 release Transatlantic R.P.M and has previously worked with Van Morrison, Billy Ocean and Chaka Khan.

�Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)� by Bob Baldwin from his latest album Betcha By Golly Wow - The Songs Of Thom Bell. This wonderful cut features both Paul Brown and Russ Freeman on guitars while longtime Baldwin collaborator Ragan Whiteside makes her usual outstanding contribution on flute.

�Happy Feelings� by Jeff Bradshaw from the CD Bone Appetit. With guest appearances from the likes of Maysa, Brass Heaven and the fantastic Kindred The Family Soul, this is an album that is an absolute urban extravaganza. As if to underline the fact the first single to go to radio is this sumptuous re-imagining of the Maze blockbuster. Think the opening bars of Earth Wind & Fire�s �That�s The Way of The World� then put yourself into a deliciously horn driven haze and you will just about get what �Happy Feelings� is all about.

�Lucky In Love� by Pete Gitlin from his latest album Amplify. Phoenix based guitarist Pete Gitlin first came to my attention with the CD Full Circle and the Great Temptation and the follow up, Amplify, promises to be just as good. A case in the point is the velvety radio single, �Lucky In Love� which includes input from regular collaborators Michael Broening and Mel Brown.