Berks Jazz Fest 2013: Gerald Veasley's Midnight Jam #2

Saturday at midnight, it was time for another Midnight Jam led by bassist Gerald Veasley, the place to be for people looking for unexpected moments and unpredictable moves from our favorite players, who happen to hang around at the club during this night. The core band were Gerald Veasley on bass, Richard Waller III on drums, Donald Robinson on keyboards, Andrew Neu on saxophone and Brian Hughes on guitar, they started the proceedings with the easy grooving "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" by Joe Zawinul, saxophonist Elan Trotman joined the band, to give us some awesome saxophone playing, continuing the song, then another saxophonist, Michael Lington, joined in to do his part of this song. After that Forrest Robinson sat at the drums and Allen Smith at the keyboards to support Kim Waters on sax who did an uptempo and very straight ahead jazz track showing his prowess on the sax. Next was trumpet player Joey Sommerville doing Freddie Hubbard's "Little Sunflower". Other players that showed up later that night were Nick Colionne on guitar and the outstanding Eric Bloom on trumpet. They wrapped it up with Richard Tucker on guitar and Andrew Neu on sax doing a moving rendition of the Beatles classic "Let It Be". It was another memorable and entertaining jam that lasted until 2am. There will two more this week on Friday and Saturday.