Smooth Jazz Festival Mallorca 2013: Saturday

Saturday night, the festival continued with guitarist Matt Marshak, his funky and bluesy playing won the crowd over quickly, the house band had drummer Andy Pilger taking over, plus the same players from the night before. He did "Sunday Noon", followed by "Cadillac Kid", bringing things up to speed. Next he honored one of his main influences - George Benson - with his rendition of "Breezin'". He slowed things down a bit with a new song called "Teddy P" which featured a cool, slow groove and funky, distorted guitar, that was very well received, and one track from his days with Four80East. His show continued with head-bopping, accessible and groovy funk-jazz, featuring his guitar playing, supported by the great band, during "Funkology", Marius Goldhammer did a wicked bass solo, that had the crowd cheer along, while Andy Pilger pulled all the stops during his complex drum solo. Another nice one was "On The Rocks", followed by his rendition of the Larry Carlton classic "Sleepwalk" plus one more funky number from his own catalog. He gave us one encore that got people up, clapping and dancing along, wrapping up a great show.

Next was trumpet player Rick Braun, being supported by saxophonist Rocco Ventrella, bringing almost the energy of an R 'n' R show. Rick started the show playing from the audience, slowly wandering towards the stage, the first groovy track featured another awesome bass solo by Marius Goldhammer, jokingly nick-named "Goldfinger" by Rick. Rick and Rocco blended really well together, and Rocco Ventrella played his heart out. Rick played his biggest hit "Notorious" on the flugelhorn, before he slowed things down with the Tony Bennett classic "The Good Life" from his Sings With Strings album, featuring him on flugelhorn and vocals. After this romantic excursion, the pace picked up with more groovy tracks, one of them "Use Me" that allowed for some audience participation, having Michael Lington to join the party on the saxophone. They kept the energy level high with "Green Tomatoes" from his Esperanto album, before he wrapped up the show with "Grazing In The Grass", where he had a guest trumpet player joining the band doing a great job. The encore was the funky "Mustang Sally", done in the spirit of James Brown, finishing a great night of music.