Last year when I had the privilege to announce the upcoming nuptials of two smooth jazz musicians, I couldn't help but wonder what wonderful musical collaborations would result and how soon. Today, I am happy to announce the birth of their new musical baby that highlights the perfect pairing of this couple both on and off stage.

The electropop and 80s-influenced duo NiVO DEUX as they are called, makes their debut with their first single, "Love's No Distance," from their upcoming album 2 The Next Level (Skytown Records), an eclectic and refreshing collection of original music and popular 80s hits featuring sax, guitar and lyrics in French and English.

"Love's No Distance" is the perfect blend of the electropop and smooth jazz genres together in an instrumental original written by band member and producer, U-Nam. The song features U-Nam on guitar and Shannon Kennedy on tenor sax in an elegant exchange. The spirit and spark of "Love's No Distance" is created as the two band members intertwine melodic and improvised elements within the song to create a sentimental yet energetic single. Their first collaboration is a captivating hit that has meShannon_Kennedy_loves-no-distance-news.png eagerly awaiting the album to come.

Meet the Band
NiVO DEUX is a French-American duo based in Los Angeles. The band's new wave and electro influences are apparent, but the band also hints at the influence of the smooth jazz, funk and electropop styles in their music. The group's core members comprise of Platinum French R&B/Pop Producer and Chart-Topping Guitarist U-Nam (a.k.a. "The Mastermind") and up and coming saxophonist and vocalist Shannon Kennedy (a.k.a. "The Management").

NiVO DEUX's music continues in the tradition of a number of extraordinary bands such as Blondie, New Order, Duran Duran, Tears for Fears, Level 42, Depeche Mode, Chic, Foreigner and even David Sanborn and George Howard. Their origins and style may seem eclectic but the clever ways in which they bring together these diverse influences is what makes their music interesting and even addictive.

The new single is available now for airplay. It is also available for download on iTunes and most online distributors including Amazon, Spotify, and CDBaby. You can preview or learn more about the band and the new release at

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