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Calling all Jeff Golub fans, friends, musicians, and industry folks:  Before September 24th - 'Like' Jeff Golub documentary video

by Val Vaccaro  (Photo by Bazpix except for photo from video)

For the past 25 years in contemporary jazz  - as well as in pop and rock music during the 1980s and 1990s - guitarist, composer, and producer Jeff Golub has put his melodic, edgy jazz, blues, and rock-infused signature sound ranging from exuberant to funky to pensive into a style uniquely his own.  Jeff Golub has recorded fourteen CDs as an instrumental artist, and has played on over 100 albums of top smooth jazz, pop, and rock artists.  Many of Jeff Golub's recordings have appeared at the top of Billboard magazine's charts for Top Contemporary Jazz Albums, Top Blues Albums, and top Smooth Jazz Songs.

If guitarist Jeff Golub's music has brought joy, happiness, and inspiration to your life as a fan, friend, musician, or member of the music industry ... this is your chance to help get a documentary produced by cinematographer Kyle Kelley about Jeff Golub's life (which has been dramatically transformed since Golub lost his eyesight in 2011 due to an inexplicable collapse of his optic nerves).   You can help - just 'Like' the new video short of the documentary pitch before September 24th. [See details on how to 'like' the video at the end of this article.]

According to Bud Harner, Jeff Golub's long-time manager, co-producer and friend, "(I am) very excited about the documentary being put together on Jeff Golub.  It will be a great way for Jeff's fans to get a glimpse into what he's been going through and what a strong spirit and heart he possesses.  Not to mention the huge help any contribution to Jeff's medical account can mean!" [Details on how to contribute to the Jeff Golub Medical Fund are also at the end of this article.]

Jeff Golub: Train Keeps A Rolling is a 4:45 minute video pitch for a new documentary hoping to be produced by cinematographer Kyle I. Kelley of BullMoose Pictures. This August, the video was entered into the 2013 AbelCine Documentary Grant Competition on   Up until Tuesday, September 24th votes will be counted to 'like' the video. The 10 videos submitted to the documentary contest with the most 'likes' on will become finalists and move to the next round of judging. Three winners will receive an equipment usage grant worth about $33,000.    If Kyle Kelley wins the grant, it will help jumpstart his film project. Cinematographer Kelley recently said that "the next step will be to raise production funds." Currently, there are 86 videos submitted on Vimeo for the documentary competition, and the Jeff Golub: Train Keeps A Rolling video has 216 'likes'... but there are a few more videos in the documentary grant competition that have a higher number of 'likes' - so  if you 'like' the video - your vote will really help!

According to the video's description on, "Jeff Golub is a contemporary jazz guitarist with numerous album releases as the leader of the instrumental band "Avenue Blue."   Before becoming an instrumentalist, Jeff worked as a sideman to a number of very successful rock and pop artists.  This documentary seeks to explore the trials of Jeff's condition, and provide a deeper look into the life of one of the nation's great Jazz musicians. Through interviews, live shows, and daily interactions, the audience will hopefully come to understand some small part of Jeff's struggle. Perhaps more importantly, Jeff will demonstrate his inspiring ability to cope and continue to live life as a loving husband, father, and friend."

The documentary's title Jeff Golub: Train Keeps A Rolling  is borrowed from Jeff Golub's new record as a solo artist - the great soul jazz CD with blues and rock influences "Train Keeps A Rolling" (Entertainment One Music, 2013) released in August with special guest, renowned Grammy-nominated British keyboard player Brian Auger, known for his vibrant style on Hammond B3 organ. On September 3, 2012, Jeff Golub thought he was walking onto a subway train which was actually still approaching - when he accidentally fell onto the tracks.  Golub was clipped and dragged briefly by a subway train as his seeing-eye dog companion Luke watched; some Good Samaritans helped pull Jeff Golub up from the tracks to safety - and he miraculously had only minor injuries.

Through the efforts of Jeff Golub's wife Audrey, a mutual friend contacted Kyle Kelley -cinematographer and editor for BullMoose Pictures - to help produce a new documentary on Golub's life.  Last year in March, Kyle Kelley began filming the documentary at the 2012 Berks Jazz Fest during Jeff Golub's show with blues keyboardist and vocalist Henry Butler at Gerald Veasley's Jazz Base venue.  In February 2011, around the same time Jeff Golub was recording his blues CD "The Three Kings" with Henry Butler (blind since birth from glaucoma), by some strange, ill-fated providence, Golub started to lose vision in his left eye due to the collapse of the optic nerve.  Just a few months later in July 2011, the optic nerve in Golub's right eye had also inexplicably collapsed causing him to experience a loss of vision in both eyes.   Since then, Jeff Golub has received advice on how to cope with his recent blindness from Henry Butler as well as encouragement from iconic pop star Stevie Wonder.  On August 24, 2013 cinematographer Kyle Kelley also was there to film Jeff Golub's show with renowned keyboardist Brian Auger at Lucille's Bar & Grill in B.B. King Blues Club in New York City.

Since Jeff Golub lost his eyesight in both eyes unexpectedly at the age of 56 in 2011, he has the challenge of learning new ways of how to live day-to-day life while still bravely continuing on in his career as a contemporary jazz guitarist. Jeff Golub has the help of his new seeing eye dog companion Tank, his wife Audrey Stafford, young sons Christopher (12) and Matthew (10), manager and Grammy-nominated producer Bud Harner (who has co-produced a number of Golub's CDs), personal assistant Eric Lebowitz on tour with Golub (who is also a guitar technician and songwriter), as well as Golub's fellow musicians, many friends and other well-wishers.

Are you amongst the thousands of lucky music fans who have attended one or more wonderful shows featuring contemporary jazz guitarist Jeff Golub as a solo artist or as part of an ensemble such as 'Guitars and Saxes'?

Perhaps you are one of hundreds of amazing musicians who have shared the stage with Jeff Golub, or worked with him in the studio to record new albums. 

Or - you may be a member of the music industry - one of the jazz festival managers, booking agents, journalists, editors, publishers, bloggers, producers, sound engineers, and others who have worked with Jeff Golub or have followed and helped contribute to his career.

Or perhaps you recently found out about Golub's moving, inspirational story through the media or a friend of yours who is familiar with Jeff Golub's great music.

Anytime before or by Tuesday, September 24th - you have the chance to make a difference.  You can help in just a few quick, easy steps that will take only few minutes of your time.

Here are instructions to 'LIKE' (and 'SHARE') the video "JEFF GOLUB: TRAIN KEEPS A ROLLING" before Tuesday, September 24th:

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  2. Click on the documentary link or copy and paste it into a tab: (Or put the words Jeff Golub in the search box and then click on the "2013 AbelCine Documentary Grant - Jeff Golub: Train Keeps A Rolling" video.)
  3. 'LIKE' the video "2013 AbelCine Documentary Grant - Jeff Golub: Train Keeps  A Rolling" - on the top right corner of the video by clicking on the heart-shaped 'LIKE' symbol on Vimeo (not Facebook).  Your name will then appear on the recent list of 'LIKES' on the right side of the video's webpage, and also on the complete list of 'LIKES' to be counted for the documentary competition:
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To contribute to the Jeff Golub Medical Fund online please visit: or send a check payable to "Jeff Golub Medical Expenses" and mail to his manager:  Bud Harner, Chapman & Co. Management Inc., 14011 Ventura Blvd # 405, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423,

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