Berks Jazz Fest 2014: Gerald Veasley's Midnight Jam #3

At midnight, it was time for one more Gerald Veasley's Midnight Jam, the always sold out lose "anything goes" jam session under the guidance of bassist Gerald Veasley, taking place at his Jazz Base. He had his usual core band starting the show with Donald Robinson on keyboards, Richard Waller on drums and himself on bass, plus saxophonist Jeff Kashiwa as featured player on "Blue Bossa", showing his considerable straight ahead skills. Next was saxophonist Steve Cole doing "Sugar", having guitarist Nick Colionne join in halfway through the song to add some cool guitar playing with his Wes inclined style. The next highlight followed with saxophonist Marcus Anderson doing a tight rendition of Stevie Wonder's "Do I Do". Then bassist Brian Bromberg did a funky version of "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" featuring Benjie Porecki on keys. Carl Anderson took over the drums, Marcus Anderson and Nick Colionne returned to do a slow blues tune pulling all the stops. Marcus Finnie took over the drums, while Gerald Albright came to do a great version of Grover Washington Jr.'s "Winelight", complete with a smoking guitar solo by Norman Brown, using Nick Colionne's guitar. For the last track, Lionel Cordew took over the drum seat, guitarist Gerey Johnson joined the band, to play Stevie Wonder's "Master Blaster", as an additional bonus, keyboardist Joe McBride sat a the keys to add a smoking organ solo, bringing another outstanding midnight jam to a great end.