Berks Jazz Fest 2014: Nick Colionne

Next was our favorite, guitar player Nick Colionne, the best dressed man in smooth jazz, this afternoon clad in white, while the rest of his band wore black. They delivered a high energy and fun show with Nick in top form, doing a few songs from his current release Influences. He slowed things down with "Melting Into You", his velvety voice gave me goose bumps. As usual, he stepped out into the audience to do a lengthy guitar solo close to his fans, leaving many happy faces. At the end of his show, he handed his guitar over to someone else to play the rhythm part, allowing him to do his James Brown impersonation and wandering around in the audience having people get up and dance, which was a riot. Nick Colionne is one of the absolute top performers in smooth jazz who always provides a great time.