Berks Jazz Fest 2014: Candy Dulfer

At 10pm, Dutch saxophone player Candy Dulfer appeared at the Crowne Plaza, she had Chance Howard on vocals and keyboards in her band. She got right into the groove with a nice sax led instrumental, before doing her tribute to the former NY smooth jazz radio station 101.9 with "CD 101.9". Next was "Candy" featuring Chance Howard from the Candy Store album, funking up things nicely, followed by "You Are The One". Just for the Berks audience, she decided to do "LA City Lights", a melodic and laid-back smooth jazz tune that went down very well. DJ Roog was involved in "What You Do (When The Music Hits)", an upbeat Euro-pop tune that didn't do much for me, still it seemed to be appreciated by most people. Thankfully, the pace changed again with "Nikki's Dream", a mellow and soulful instrumental featuring her sax playing plus an outer worldly guitar solo, that marked an early highlight. Next was another funky track, the "Gonna Have A Good Time" giving Chance Howard another chance to create a party atmosphere, followed by "Pick Up The Pieces" with special guest Rick Braun on trumpet, creating a lot of heat. This track wrapped up the show after one hour, but she returned for a number of encores, continuing with "Lily Was Here", the song that started her career, you could feel that this song meant a lot to her, she delivered it in a great way with her guitar player contributing beautifully, yielding a truly memorable performance. The second last song was Candy's soulful rendition of "Outstanding" by the Gap Band, featuring Chance Howard once more, before bringing her concert with "Life Of The Party" to a satisfying end.