Berks Jazz Fest 2014: Generation neXt

Sunday morning, we got another Sunday Jazz Brunch, this time taking place at the Crowne Plaza providing a decent buffet, featuring Generation neXt, a bunch of young players who decided to join forces, jointly trying to make their mark on the music scene. Featured players were Nicholas Cole on keyboards, Lin Rountree on trumpet, Lebron on saxophone and Julian Vaughn on bass. They had a great band behind them, we got Third Richardson on drums, John Dillard on bass and Gerey Johnson on guitar. They kicked off their show together with the smashing "On Your Beat" bringing things up to speed. "Please Don't Say No" featured Nicholas Cole on keys, supported by Lin Rountree on trumpet. Next was "We Chill" by Lin Rountree with Julian Vaughn on bass, followed by Lebron doing his own "Turn It Up", before all players delved into Quincy Jones' "Secret Garden" and George Duke's "No Rhyme, No Reason", who was one of their main influences. Lebron did "Double Or Nothing" from his debut album Shades, with a little help from Lin Rountree on trumpet, also allowing the band to shine, John Dillard did a great funky bass solo and Third Richardson did a wicked drum solo, showing their superior musicianship. Lin Rountree did his version of Michael Jackson's "You Rock My World", before the whole band reunited to do bring the concert to a rousing end with the Whispers' "Rock Steady". These young players are each in his own right great talents to watch, take the opportunity to see them live if you can.