Smooth Jazz Festival Mallorca 2014: Elan Trotman

On May 1st, this year's edition of the annual Mallorca Smooth Jazz Festival on the island of Mallorca, Spain took place as usual at the Protur Biomar Hotel in Sa Coma, a nice resort on the eastern coast of the island. For those people interested, there was pre-festival program with a gala diner with all artists, a trip to Palma De Mallorca and one more trip to Valdemossa the next day, allowing the exploration of the island and meeting artists and fellow music aficionados.

The first show of the festival was done by saxophonist Elan Trotman, a quickly rising star in the smooth jazz world, I consider him to have what it takes to make it to the very top of the genre. He appropriately started his concert with Chick Corea's "Spain", before he settled into his own material, he did "Heaven In Your Eyes" from the Love & Sax album, a nice laid-back song featuring his smooth sax playing. Next was the Bill Wither's song "Lovely Day", as a surprise guest, he brought a soulful songstress he met the night before, Evita, doing this song in style with him, the audience was also invited to participate. Next was his famous EWF medley, blending his favorite songs of this seminal band into a great piece of music that was well received. Things slowed down with his own "Tradewinds" from his current Tropicality album, bringing guitarist Peter White as surprise guest onto the stage. On more song from this album that featured every band member, the supporting band consisted of Lutz Deterra on keys, Günter Asbeck on bass, Jörg Lenhardt on guitar and Stephan Sagurna on drums, doing an admirable job as always. The show was concluded with his tropical version of Stevie Wonder's "Master Blaster", having Jessy J to help him out with this song, bringing the crowd to their feet.