Smooth Jazz Festival Mallorca 2014: Nick Colionne

After an intermission, guitarist extraordinaire Nick Colionne took over the stage, he was supported by the house band, for his set, drummer Stephan Sagurna took over the drum seat doing a great job. The show was kicked off high energy with two fiery instrumentals that showed his Wes inclined guitar playing to the fullest. He slowed things down with "Rainy Night In Georgia" featuring his velvety voice, one of the highlights of his show. Then it was time to get serious with the hard hitting "Hurry Up This Way Again", during this song he went out into the audience wandering around, doing a lengthy solo that pulled all the stops, delighting his numerous fans. One more of his groovy instrumentals, before it was time to get "wild and loose" with the ultra funky JB track "Super Bad" where he invited guests Shilts and Jessy J on sax and Peter White on guitar to join the party, while Nick Colionne did his famous James Brown impersonation going out into the audience prompting people to get up and dance, which was a riot, the house was cooking. This lengthy jam ended the show, with everybody in a state of excitement, he was prompted to do an encore, so he did his current single "Got To Keep It Moving", ending a truly great concert. Nick Colionne definitely is one of the genre's most entertaining and most consummate performers.