Smooth Jazz Festival Mallorca 2014: Gregg Karukas

Sunday morning the festival went on with keyboardist Gregg Karukas, he was supported by the house band and the great local saxophonist Miguel Ramon, who blended well in with his smooth and restrained sax playing. They started their show with some original material, first they did "Wildwood", followed by "Nightshift" and "Severna Park", all featuring the impeccable playing by this awesome pianist. Next was "Girl In The Red Dress", having the audience clap along, the song built up nicely and featured several burning solos by various band members, the groove continued with "Riverside Drive", a smashing number with a catchy melody, that went down very well. To slow things down, he did a solo piano version of "Sound Of Emotion" which was very moving. The band joined in for the laid-back "Daylight" that featured more nice sax work by Miguel Ramon. He strapped on his keytar and played some new material from his upcoming album, some even untitled and performed live for the very first time, like a great head bopping funky track that is destined to become a future hit, one more mellow song that boasted his melodic playing style, and a groovy latin track that was off the hook. The show was finished with his own twist on the Beatles classic "Come Together", during this song Günther Asbeck got one more opportunity to funk it up, having everybody get up. This was another memorable show by a consummate artist.