Smooth Jazz Festival Mallorca 2015: John Stoddart

Saturday evening, singer and keyboardist John Stoddart, who is a regular member of Kirk Whalum's band, got his own slot at the festival. He appeared with Marcus Finnie on drums, Günter Asbeck on bass and Martin Feske on guitar, performing songs from his own catalog. He started his show with the appropriate "Lovely Day", a classic penned by Bill Withers, with some audience singalong, followed by "Things Are Gonna Get Easier". He slowed things down with "I Still Believe", written on his 2nd wedding anniversary, when things weren't going so easily, and "A Promise Is A Promise", reaffirming his wedding vows. Staying in this mould, he did "You Are So Beautiful" that segued into "Send Me An Angel" with a great guest performance by Kirk Whalum who did a nice soprano solo. A highlight of the show was his cool and sexy "Tender Hearted Lover" with a walk into the audience serenading the women, until his wife who was in the audience jokingly interfered, we all had a lot of fun. As a special treat, he performed a yet unrecorded song just accompanied by Martin Feske on guitar, before the pace picked up again with "More Than You And Me", bringing a satisfying and entertaining show to an end.