Smooth Jazz Festival Mallorca 2015: Four80East

Sunday morning, Four80East appeared, the band hails from Toronto, Canada and is fronted by keyboardist Rob DeBoer and percussionist Tony Grace. They were accompanied by Marcus Finnie on drums, Günter Asbeck on bass, Martin Feske on guitar, plus local saxophonist Miguel Ramon. The groove went like a red thread through the show, having our heads bopping throughout, with tracks like "Sandbar", "Montreux", "En Route", "Waterline", "Noodle Soup" and more, especially fun was the track "Eastside" with the audience singing the vocal parts. Each player added some nice solos, especially Miguel Ramon on sax and Martin Feske on guitar were frequently adding their voices to the proceedings, while the two leaders impressed on keys and percussion, making this another entertaining concert.