Berks Jazz Fest 2016: Jazz meets James

Friday night at 10pm the highly anticipated Jazz Meets James show led by Nick Colionne was due. The 3 piece Berks Horns were with the band adding additional fuel to the music. Trombonist Jeff Bradshaw walked all over the stage playing like Fred Wesley, bringing us right up to speed, then saxophonists Kim Waters, Marion Meadows, Jeanette Harris, Eric Darius and Gerald Albright contributed some hot playing, while guitarist J.J. Sanseverino propelled things with a funky rhythm guitar. Jay Rowe played the keys, the rest of the players were from Nick Colionne's band. The selection of material was first rate, they went through their renditions of "Gonna Have A Funky Good Time", "Make It Funky", before things slowed down with a great rendition of "It's A Man's Man's World" featuring saxophonists Kim Water and Jeanette Harris, both putting all their hearts into the performance, this was a highlight of the show for me. J.J. Sanseverino was the featured player on "Cold Sweat" with some burning guitar, complete with some audience participation. The show continued with "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag" and "Pass The Peas" with some great trombone by Jeff Bradshaw and the inevitable "Sex Machine". They finished their show with Nick Colionne going out into the audience doing his "Whatta 'Bout You" having people get up and dance, this was a riot as usual. This was a fun and entertaining show by a great bunch of players that did the legacy of JB ample justice.