What We're Listening To ** June 2016

Paula Atherton - Ear Candy (2015)
This is a great jazz-funk album by saxophonist Paul Atherton, chock full of classic funk, Philly soul and old school R&B. Special guests include Nick Colionne, Cindy Bradley and Gail Jhonson who all contribute to this ultra groovy and soulful release, marking this release a pinnacle in this artist's career. Very recommended!

Will Downing - Black Pearls (2016)
Backed by some stellar musicians like saxophonist Najee, soul crooner Will Downing delivers some truly smooth r&b/soul, paying homage to some of his favorite female vocalists, classic songs abound, from "Don't Ask My Neighbors" to "Your Smile", "Street Life" and "Everlasting Love" and more, boasting lush production, beautiful melodies and thoughtful arrangements, a labor of love not to be missed!

Johnny Britt - Marvin Meets Miles (2016)
Singer and trumpet player Johnny Britt does his tribute to Marvin Gaye on this really nice album, his muted trumpet puts some spice into the music and yields the Miles reference, but in the end, it is a smooth collection of Marvin Gaye songs, from "Inner City Blues" to "Trouble Man", "Let's Get It On" and "What's Gong On", done with taste and style. Thumbs up!

Melvin Lee Davis & Tracy Carter - Kindred Spirits (2013)
This bass and keyboards duo of two top-session players delivers an awesome bunch of smooth and groovy instrumentals on the highest level of musicianship. For the discriminate listener!

Masahiko Satoh & Medical Sugar Bank - MSB (1979)
My nod to the past goes to this classic album by keyboardist Masahiko Satoh, the music is classic funk-fusion from the 70ies and 80ies with a distinct NYC vibe. Lots of great solos by all involved. MSB Two is also very recommended. Both have been released on CD in Japan. A true classic!