Anthony Caceres releases a fresh Christmas single

By: Ryan Nelson

If you have been in a retail store recently, you have probably have heard Christmas music played over the speakers, the same songs you heard last year, and the year before, and so on. You might be wondering: "Is there simply no more room for a new Christmas song?" Well, don't despair: a new song by Anthony Caceres might be able to give you some needed holiday cheer.

Caceres is a jazz singer and his song, "A Very Special Christmas" is a smooth jazz number with a yuletide focus that has gotten a great deal of love. Stacey Zering, writing for music publication No Depression praised the song for how it stands out compared to other seasonal songs.

"'A Very Special Christmas' distinguishes itself from the deluge of holiday music by taking a personal approach to season's greetings; it is basically a love letter wrapped with a bow," Zering said.

Zering continued, "The track is sweet without any artificial flavors; the feelings here are honest and real.

If you're looking for a new Christmas song to bring into your seasonal rotation, give Anthony Caceres' "A Very Special Christmas" a shot. It is available for purchase through iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby.

It seems that Caceres upbringing and musical inspirations have been pivotal for him in developing his style as well as this song. He comes from a very musical family. He is the grandson of swing violinist Emilio Caceres, who worked with the likes of Harry James and Jack Teagarden. He has also performed alongside the Four Aces, Freddie Jones, and Bill Mays, among others. His vocal stylings on the song were influenced by singers famed for their voices, such as Harry Connick, Jr. and Chet Baker.

Listening to the song, it's hard not to be taken with not only Caceres' vocals but also his lyrics. "Before I met you, I was living for myself" he sings as the song opens, giving a nice vulnerability to the proceedings. His voice is also one of utmost sincerity; you feel like he is singing from his heart, not from words on a page.

It also doesn't hurt that the backing arrangement, with groovy bass, a peppy guitar melody from Greg Petito, and steady drums, helps create a warm, comforting atmosphere. This song feels like a blanket is being draped over you, while you're safe inside away from the bitter cold and snow outside.