Berks Jazz Fest 2017: Snarky Puppy

In the evening, one of the most anticipated shows took place at the Santander Performing Arts Center with Snarky Puppy, the band led by bassist Michael League. The band draws from a large pool of players so you never know who will be performing and how many players will be on the stage, so this is one of the things that makes it interesting. Despite some of my favourite players were missing (like Bill Laurance, Cory Henry or Bob Reynolds), we got plenty of good music in their unique style that is definitely jazz based, but draws from numerous sources, at one point I heard a little Chick Corea, then RTF, the music doesn't follow strict rules or forms, the tracks are like musical journeys with climaxes and quieter passages, with many great solos and lots of improvisation in between, particularly great contributions came from Shaun Martin on keys, Bobby Sparks on organ and keys, Keita Ogawa on percussion, Jason "JT" Thomas on drums, Mark Lettieri on guitar, Mike Maher on trumpet, Justin Stanton on keys and trumpet, and Chris Bullock on sax and flute. They finished their show with "Lingus", leaving a satisfied audience, which was remarkably mixed with lots of younger people, crossing all borders like Snarky Puppy's music.