Berks Jazz Fest 2017: Berks All-Star Jam

Thursday night, everybody's favourite show, the Berks All-Star Jam took place in the ballroom of the Double Tree hotel, led by bassist Gerald Veasley and trumpet player Rick Braun, a tremendous number of artists joined the stage to have some fun. Featured players were Norman Brown, Paul Jackson Jr., David P Stevens, Brian Bromberg, Gerald Albright, Andrew Neu, Everette Harp, Vincent Ingala, Eric Marienthal, Phil Perry, Brian Simpson, Andy Snitzer, Marcus Finnie, Lionel Cordew, Keiko Matsui, Chris "Big Dog" Davis, Lindsey Webster and Selina Albright (hopefully I didn't forget anyone). They went through a bunch of familiar songs like "The World Is A Ghetto" featuring Phil Perry, "Use Me" featuring Rick Braun and a beautiful rendition of "Winelight" by Gerald Albright, my personal highlight was "Give Me The Night" featuring David P. Stevens, which was simply great with tons of cool solos by all players involved and some audience participation. The show ended with the grande finale joining all players one more time for a rousing version of "Pick Up The Pieces".