Berks Jazz Fest 2017: Everette Harp & Friends "Remembering George Duke"

Saturday afternoon, Everette Harp & Friends were Remembering George Duke. Led by saxophonist Everette Harp, several artists whose careers were linked to the late keyboardist George Duke paid tribute to this great artist who passed away in 2013. Singers Chante Moore and Phil Perry, bassist Brian Bromberg, keyboardist Brian Simpson, drummer Rayford Griffin, guitarist Dwight Sills, plus the 5 piece Berks Horns stood on the stage, doing songs from the catalog of George Duke and projects he was involved in. They started out with "Brazilian Love Affair", followed by "Shine On" which was sung by Everette Harp and the nice latin track "Geneva" featuring some nice flute work. In between songs, stories and memories were shared and some tears were shed, George still is sorely missed. Both Phil Perry and Chante Moore did some truly heartfelt songs, among them "Love Don't Love Nobody", "Touch And Go", "Sweet Baby" and "No Rhyme, No Reason", before they wrapped it up with "Reach For It" with bassist Michael Manson joining in. This was a truly unique, touching and personal concert dedicated to the late great George Duke leaving a satisfied crowd.