Berks Jazz Fest 2017: Marcus Miller

At 10pm, bassist Marcus Miller appeared at the Double Tree hotel ballroom with his band, it was his first appearance at the Berks Jazz Festival. The band consisted of Alex Han on sax, Marquis Hill on trumpet, Alex Bailey on drums and Brett Williams on keyboards. This band of master musicians and top improvisers provided a truly memorable show, they started out with two songs from the current release Afrodeezia with cool solos by all involved, but the true highlight came with "The Preacher's Kid", a song dedicated to this late father that had saxophonist Kirk Whalum guesting and featured Marcus Miller on the bass clarinet. Things were funked up with his cover of "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" with lots of slapping and plucking in his own inimitable style, while "Tutu" written for Miles Davis provided another highlight. This was a simply awesome show by a bunch of world class players.