Smooth Jazz Festival Mallorca 2017: Grace Kelly

Sunday morning, saxophonist Grace Kelly appeared, her band consisted of Marcus Finnie on drums, Marius Goldhammer on bass, Christof Lindner on guitar, Lutz Deterra on keys, plus special guest Brian Simpson on keyboards for a couple of songs. She brought things nicely up to speed with her rendition of the Michael Jackson classic "Billy Jean" and a funked up version of "Summertime", before she featured her voice to sing songs like "Trying to Figure It Out" from her latest CD and the beautiful, introspective "Touched By An Angel". She showed her affection with current pop music in the following segment of her show, doing an instrumental cover of Sia's "Chandlelier", then singing Coldplay's "Magic" which was not exactly my cup of tea. Anyway, she more than made up for it with the lively instrumental "Lemon's Make Lemonade" that had a nice Sadao Watanabe feeling, and the encore, a great version of "Georgia On My Mind", finishing an entertaining and varied show.