Smooth Jazz Festival Mallorca 2017: Nighthawks

The second show on Monday morning was done by the German group Nighthawks led by bassist Dal Martino, co-leader Reiner Winterschladen was absent and replaced by a capable trumpet player from New York (sorry, didn't catch his name). The rest of the band consisted of regular members Jürgen Dahmen on keyboards, Thomas Alkier on drums and Jörg Lehnhardt on guitar. They went through several of their sweeping songs, with lots of nice solos, especially by guitarist Jörg Lehnhardt. Their unique brand of music is totally captivating and was well received by the crowd.

This show marked the end of the festival for me, I had to leave in the afternoon to catch my flight and be back home in time for work the next day. Unfortunately, I had to do without the evening shows of rising smooth jazz star guitarist Adam Hawley and veteran band Spyro Gyra who are currently touring Europe. Nevertheless, this year provided numerous memorable musical moments by many of the finest artists in the genre, this festival is getting better each year. Add the hospitality of the hotel, the unrestricted and friendly atmosphere of the event, the many music friends from all over Europe and the world, and you get one of the best smooth jazz festivals you can find anywhere.