Berks Jazz Fest 2018: Grace Kelly & The Rippingtons

Saxophonist Grace Kelly opened Saturday afternoon with her band and led through an eclectic mix of music, ranging from jazz to pop to almost experimental music. When she started out, saxophonist Phil Woods was one of her mentors, so I expected her to pursue are more traditional jazz career, but these days it seems to me that she is still finding her way. Nevertheless, this provided a very entertaining set, among the songs that stood out were the vocal "Can't Figure It Out", a totally morphed version of the Rolling Stones' "Miss You" and the closing track, Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean" played on the soprano, plus several original compositions. This is a player to watch out for who always entertains.

Next were the Rippingtons, led by guitarist Russ Freeman, the band consisted of Bill Heller on keys, Brandon Fields on sax, Dave Karasony on drums and Rico Belled on bass. They went trough a selection of songs from their vast catalog, with tons of solos by all players. They were asked for an encore and finished their show with some great rock classics, leaving a satisfied crowd.